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FASTag Lane

The technology not only saves users time but also helps save fuel as one don't need to wait for cash transaction, There is reduction in idle time and vehicle fuel consumption. It is expected to save Rs.60,000 crore in fuel bills.

KVB FasTag

FASTag is the brand name given to the Tag enabled with RFID technology facilitating Electronic toll collection at Toll Plazas. The Tag is a simple to use, reloadable RFID Tag linked to a wallet and can be used to pay toll charges without stopping @ toll plazas. The tag allows users to travel non-stop through dedicated FASTag lane at toll Plazas and the automated scanning of RFID tag deducts toll charges from the linked prepaid account without stopping for the cash transaction. The tag is affixed on the vehicle's windscreen after the tag account is activated. Electronic toll collection system was conceptualized by NHAI, IHMCL under the ministry of Road Transport & Highways, GOI. The payment & settlement part is supported by NPCI under the brand name NETC(NATIONAL ELECTRONIC TOLL COLLECTION). This type of technology is popular and has been implemented in western countries like (Eu,USA) and also advanced East Asian Economies like Singapore.

How it Works

Add Money to your FASTag Account

Scan tag while passing through the plaza

Pass through
the plaza

Saves Fuel and Time

Features of KVB FASTag

  • Saves Fuel & Time
  • No need to carry cash
  • SMS and Email alerts for transactions
  • Online Recharge (UPI, Payment Gateway and KVB Net Banking)
  • UPI Recharge Virtual ID/VPA format: netc.VEHICLE NUMBER@kvb (eg: netc.TN01AB1234@kvb)
  • Web Portal for customers
  • Offline Recharge through all KVB Branches

How to avail KVB FASTag?
You can contact your nearest KVB Branch or customer Care centre at 1800 102 1916 for all FASTag enquiries and our customer care centre executives will also guide you to the nearest KVB Branch location.

Documents Required for KVB FASTag :
Since the KVB FASTag is linked to an account, KYC documentation would be required as per the KYC policy of the Bank.
The below mentioned documents are required along with KVB FASTag Application.

For Registered Vehicles:
1. Vehicle RC Copy and Vehicle image (Front view & Side view)
2. Customer Aadhaar / Driving License / PAN / Passport copy

For Non - Registered Vehicles:
3. Vehicle Tax Invoice Copy (Should have Chassis Number & Engine Number) and Vehicle image (Front view & Side view)
4. Customer Aadhaar / Driving License / PAN / Passport copy

At any given point of time, KVB FASTag account cannot have more than Rs.1 Lakh in the FASTag (Prepaid) account.There is no monthly reload cap in this account.


Fees and Charges

The charges applicable on KVB FASTag are as follows:

Tag Cost Amount across all categories (including all applicable taxes and other charges)

Tag cost * Rs.100/- Inclusive of ST.

Vehicle ClassVehicle TypeTag ColorMinimum Recharge AmountRefundable Security DepositThreshold Limit (Minimum Balance To Be Maintained)
4Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicleViolet200200-
5Light Commercial VehicleOrange200300150
6Three Axle Commercial VehiclesYellow500400300
124 to 6 axlePink500500300
157 or More AxleBLUE500500300
16Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME)Black500500300

Plus taxes as per the prevailing applicable rates.

Threshold limit is like a safety measure to prevent the FASTag account getting over drawn and being mapped as low balance TAG.Below Threshold limit no TAG will be allowed in ETC lane.

Security deposit:- A minimum security amount depending on the vehicle category (refundable at the time of cancellation/closure of RFID Tag)

Please note:

  1. Service tax will be levied on all the prescribed fees & Charges at the applicable Rates.
  2. Minimum recharge is the amount to be recharged at the time of tag activation.
  3. The above mentioned Tag deposit rates would be applicable as per the vehicle class and it is refundable the time of FASTag account closure.
  4. Account closure proceeds can be given only to the owners’ account only, no cash withdrawal is allowed.
  5. Amount will be debited as per the NHAI Toll plaza tariffs.
Credit card 1.10% of the transaction value *
Debit Card 0.90% for transaction values above Rs.2000 *
Net banking 0.90% to 1.65% of the transaction value *

Convenience fee is levied by the payment gateway for the services provided and not by Karur Vysya Bank. The fee is levied against the cost of transaction and not for revenue in the FASTag program. *Convenience fee may change basis the payment gateway selected and/or change in commercials between Karur Vysya Bank and the payment gateway.




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